The Dead Walk

Welcome to our first blog post about the Walking Dead series on AMC. In this post and future ones, we will be exploring the world of the zombies and the apocolypse that is soon to come in the series. Can you even imagine if the world actually looked like this around you everyday? It is very surreal to watch the show and all of the spins and twists that are associated with each tribe or group of people that they end up coming across. It is kill or be killed in most cases!

My brother in law who works for roofer roswell ga told me about this series a few years back and how he was totally hooked on it. So, I kept thinking about watching it, but it was already on season two or three by then and I didn’t want to have to catch up. Boy, was I wrong though. I found it on Netflix and then started watching it. After the first episode I was completely hooked and I think I watched all the way through season one within a few days, barely being able to sleep wanting to catch the next one….So, needless to say that got me anticipating all of the next moves by Rick and the group for the next episode, where they keep you hanging until the following week. But, I could watch them back to back, since they were pre recorded on Netflix.┬áThis is the advantage of waiting until the season is over until you watch all of the episodes once they upload them into Netflix, Amazon, or wherever you get your tv streaming from.

The series starts off in Georgia, my home state which is cool because there are usually things on the news about where they are filming, zombies seen over here, and other activities. Although it is south of Atlanta where they film it, they routinely come to the city to film bits and pieces of the first, second, and third seasons. It appears that the apocolypse has came and the city is in ruins. Basically a virus has been inflicted into the human population that turns you into a flesh eating zombie if bitten by one. So, it is an endless cycle that keeps repeating itself out there with the group that is featured on the show and zombies biting one or two of them and eating them in each episode. There is no real stopping it and it is out of control beyond what anyone can comprehend in the show. They all try and protect themselves from the zombies and kill them while sticking together, but it is tough because they show up all the time, and it seems that more people have been infected with this virus than there are normal people anymore. They end up at the CDC in one episode, and all of the highly ranked officials there even question humanity any more and what is to come.

It is truly gripping and a very compelling show to tune into. If you haven’t started watching it, then I don’t know if that is good or bad actually. You may get caught up in the drama if you do, or you will probably get more done if you don’t! Haha, anyway we will explore more topics of the show in coming blog posts. Be on the look out for any weird looking zombies in your area.

Meanwhile, check out the trailer to season 6.