Journey to Atlanta

The Walking Dead is filmed in Atlanta GA among other areas of the state. So this blog post will be about one of the episodes where they try and get back to Atlanta after leaving, and get caught up in the zombie hoopla along the way on the journey. It is never easy for these guys to make another trip anywhere, much less walking all the way to Atlanta from the middle part of the state. They actually were able to get a few cars, RV’s from the dead folks on the side of the road and other vehicles to load up and gain some serious ground on the trek.

Rick and the group were all sitting around after another rough day at the office so to speak. They were minding their own business when a pack of zombies came in and attacked them unexpectedly. My buddy at Plumber Roswell freaked out and jumped pretty high. This happens in basically every episode where you are watching, and then you spill your drink when a zombie pops up out of nowhere. Anyway, one of the dead grabbed a child that was in the group and they hadn’t seen her in hours. Beginning to panic, they looked everywhere for the kid and still couldn’t find her. After looking for days it ended up, they decided that their efforts would be better suited to find food, shelter and things that would keep them alive as a whole. One guy in the group, a main character wanted to go back to Atlanta to retrieve his brother, which was chained to a pole on top of the roof of a building. The reason he was up there was played out in a scene from a previous episode, but they weren’t sure that he was actually chained to a pole on the roof. A guy shows up in the group, and says that he saw him on top of that roof and he was definitely still there….So naturally the guy wanted to get back to Atlanta to get his brother to safety.

The pack decides to load up and start walking towards Atlanta on a main Hwy in the middle part of the state. Once they begin walking, a few hours later they come across a huge zombie massacre of humans that hasn’t happened that long ago. Frantic, they tip toe forward looking out for the zombies, and find out that there are dozens of vehicles still in decent shape there on the side of the road. So, they get an RV that will house them all, and pull out onto the road and start driving towards the city. Of course along the way while driving, there are obstacles all over the place with zombies, other cars to dodge and the RV actually breaks down for good, or runs out of gas, I can’t remember when they are close to being there. If you watch the show, that is typical! But, they get out and are determined to get to Atlanta and start walking. One of the group members decides that it would be better if all but two of the group stay behind and set up shop right there in the woods outside of Atlanta. So, the two that are going in for the rescue, find an old Camaro and take off to the city. ┬áDo they find the brother still there? Only time will tell, stay tuned for the next blog post!